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Explore the books written by Steven G Stables.

The Vampire’s Missing Cape

Children’s Illustrated Books

When a vampire flies from his cave one night, looking for a victim…

Children’s Illustrated Books

Jarvy lives with his mum, dad, brother Josh and their cat, Milo

The Little Notebook Collection

The Little Book for the Creative Novel Writer may be your savior.

The Vampire Missing Cape Competition

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Future Book Releases (coming soon)

When our friendly vampire goes out to visit his friend Dilly Dalley he is given a lesson about his eating habits. Dilly explains that our habits will have to change if we want to stay healthy. He gives Vamp a gift of assorted vegetables. On returning home, our vampire tries the collection of veggies that Dilly gave him, but they taste strange and funny to him.

Will he be able to find a way to enjoy eating the tasty veggies he has been given or will he return to his old habits once more?

The Vampire Turns Vegan is a fun rhyming story that also carries an important message for the world we live in that we should all understand. Children will love the wacky antics of this nocturnal blood sucker as he is challenged in his eating habits like never before.